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reporter daniel terdiman began investigating and soon unearthed legal documents showing that google is involved. >> nobody outside google really knows what it is. >> jon: that's weird, it a google project that no one in the outside world knows what it is. i guess what they're saying it is google plus. boom! boom! book! -- book! note to self, google shoulder injury. let's see, if it's serious google project, well, i have a puckish notion for how we might clear this up. you might find it a bit mischiefous. perhaps we use the internet and google it. >> if you think you can get the answers just by goog elling it, guess again. (laughter) >> jon: you have made a powerful enemy voice-over guy. >> i seem to recall another odd story from earlier this year. >> google taking its technology to the stratosphere releasing 30 high-tech balloons that will bring i would few internet to people who aren't connected. >> jon: right, i would few. don't most i would few hubs look like giant hovering jellyfish? i'm sure google is not using the secret barges to teach ocean creatures to fly so they can rule
. >> i don't like hearing things that will not facts on this program. >> anybody can google china and jp morgan. it was in the "new york times". >> oh, "the new york times", oh, okay. [ laughter ] >> jon: oh, "the new york times", the paper of record for crackheads and liars. just out of curiosity financial journalists seem to feel that the "new york times" reporting is beneath their veracity standards. is there a new source that is fact-filled and trustworthy enough to quote on your hallowed cnbc air. >> mandatory reading the editorial in the wall street journal. >> want to talk about the editorial in the wall street journal. >> shakedown as "the wall street journal". >> if you you have to work at the editorial board you might as well be at the "new york times". >> the only place the financial guys consider factual enough for rebroadcast is the one part of the rupert murdoch bias machine explicitly labeled opinion. there may be one fact that jp morgan found themselves in when taking on the liabilities of washington mutual and bern sterns. >> the government asked jp morgan buy up bear st
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)